Business Check Up

1. How many people have noticed you ?
2. How many unique people have you reached ?
3. Which is the region that likes you the most ?
4. How many people reached you but rejected you ?

Reach Out

1. Who can buy me ?
2. How can catch hold of him ?
3. Where to hook up with him ?

Increase Sales

1. Sales force automation
2. E-Commerce Implementation
3. Mobile Payment features

Hook Up

1. Long term relation building
2. Brand Loyalty
3. Repeat Sales
  • Reach-Out

    The first thing that you need to do to run a successful digital campaign is to reach out to people. This simple word “Reach” raises a lot of questions like Whom to reach ? How to Reach

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  • Act

    Now that you have started reaching out to people it becomes important to start conversation with the potential consumer. This is when you want to create a powerful impression that is long lasting a

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  • Convert

    Now that the conversation with your client has just started and you have developed a conversation level relationship with your potential consumer, the most important stage of converting the lead in

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  • Engage

    Now that you have bagged customers to your portfolio it is important to keep a close track of all your customers. Its easy to get repeated sales than creating more sales opportunity with new consum

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Digital Strategy Development

Adding Value through Return on Investment

How to Develop a Digital Strategy The first part of any good strategy will answer the questions: What are you trying to achieve? And with whom do you need to communicate to succeed? It's surprising how often marketers move ahead without answering those questions. Question one allows you to formulate Goals and Objectives. Question two allows you to determine your target audience. The best way to answer these questions is to do your research. This should include (and this is just th

Focused Marketing

Marketing Plan ... Strategies and More! Progressive Step Developing a written annual marketing plan is a progressive step in becoming a truly marketing led business. How it is written and presented can be the difference in receiving enthusiastic or lukewarm support from senior level management and more importantly from the sales department. Every product and service needs to beĀ assessed individually. Historical Performance Competitive Analysis Problems and Opportunitie

Innovation In Business

Cementing long term customer engagement

CRM - principles, strategy, solutions, applications, systems, software, and ideas for effective customer relationship management Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is an essential part of modern business management. This CRM article is provided by Ellen Gifford, who specialises in helping organizations develop excellence in CRM, and this contribution is gratefully acknowledged. What is Customer Relationship Management, or CRM? Customer Relationship Management concerns the relationship

Digital Sales Channel Development

We are THE creative approach to growing channels to your customers. We first conduct a comprehensive examination of the routes to market for your products. Then we implement a gap analysis to determine opportunities. Then you watch your sales numbers jump. Our experienced team of sales professionals acts to position your company strategically with key partners that can drive revenue growth or even new revenue streams. We have extensive experience with the major channels: consumer retail, tech